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😏 Single For The Summer 😎

What’s up world!

As you all should know my new hit single, “Put It Down” is out now and it’s the single for the summer! You can expect the music video to drop very soon. Until then, keep showing your support and remember to listen, like, and share. Y’all be smooth, #Chyeah

MC-Coy - Put It Down Premieres June 4th, 2019 at 12am

What’s up World!

Thank you for your continued support and all the love that you guys show. I have a new single for you called, “Put It Down” and it will be available June 4th, 2019 at 12am. Below you can find the lyric video to my new track. Enjoy, and remember to like, share, comment.

MC-Coy - "Don't Give Your Love Away" is now available

DGYLA is now available to stream/download!

MC-Coy - Many Margaritas

What’s up world!

This song is so funny to me, because I really was lit off many margaritas. I went drinking with my wife and next thing you know I’m telling her, “I had one too many margaritas!” Thank God she doesn’t judge me! I thought the line was cool, so drunk me recorded it in voice memo on my iPhone. Woke up the next morning, listened back to it, and then started writing. Hope you guys enjoy! Listen Responsibly.

MC-Coy - Keep Dreaming

What’s up world! I want to remind all of you to follow your dreams, live and work for what you love, and focus on being the best you, you can be! With that said, listen to my latest track, “Keep Dreaming,” and remember you can turn your dreams into your reality. If I can do it, so can you. #Chyeah

MC-Coy - If You Don't Know

What’s up world! I’m still getting the hang of mixing in Pro Tools, and I believe that every time I give you guys a new video, I’m growing better. I’m always pushing my limits to see what new effect can I do, or notes I can hit as I rap and sing. Check out my latest song, “If You Don’t Know” below.

“Wise Guy” Music Video Out Now!

Fatimah Patrice drops the music video for “Wise Guy” ft. MC-Coy, Ron Deazy, and Chris Quality

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Fatimah Patrice ft. MC-Coy, Ron Deazy, and Chris Quality "Wise Guy" Out Now!

My Bay Area homies and I recently released a new single called, “Wise Guy.”

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jQuelz ft. MC-Coy "Fallin' For You" Music Video

When you think of couples in the Hip-Hop and R&B culture, the first few that may come to mind are:

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