Anthony Wilcox Jr., (born July 14, 1990) known professionally as MC-Coy, is an American rapper, songwriter, and recording artist. MC-Coy was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, moved to San Francisco in 2012, and Los Angeles in 2019 to pursue his career. MC-Coy founded his own label, Hipular Records, in 2017. Additionally, MC-Coy cofounded The People's Party Events, which provides a platform for artists to perform and network alongside supporters of the artistic community.

MC-Coy released his first EP, "All Power To The People" on July 14th, 2017. This project successfully reached a diverse audience through his live performances, social media outlets and availability on multiple music platforms. After the release of "All Power to the People," MC-Coy collaborated with a myriad of artists to create new songs, videos, and ideas. These collaborations inspired the works of "What They Want," an EP released in May, 2018. He continues to focus on his goal to connect with listeners through his music. You can expect MC-Coy to release his debut album soon.